pavement marking tape

Welcome to the Pavement Tape Store, a Division of Reflective Pro.  Our Aluminum Based Pavement and Warehouse striping tapes are designed to conform and adhere to both concrete and asphalt surfaces.  To apply, simply lay down the material, and press it in very well.  A car, golf cart, or any bouncy type tire works well.   Some surfaces require one or two passes, and some rougher surfaces require multiple passes.  The goal is to apply even pressure to uniformly conform the tape to the surface. When the tape becomes the same texture as the surface, and the edges are sealed, you are done.

We carry pavement and warehouse striping tape rolls in both 2″ and 4″ width rolls in standard and premium heavy duty grades.   Both products will conform and adhere to almost any smooth clean surface, provided you are able to press it down with sufficient pressure. This is a self adhesive, conformable, aluminum based product.  For marking sporting courts, click to go to our court tape site.

Standard Pavement Marking Tape
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Premium Pavement Tape
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