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On this page we carry our PREMIUM grade parking lot striping or warehouse marking tape in 4 inch rolls, in both Yellow and White. Our price is $89.99 for a 4 inch x 150 foot roll.

Premium Pavement Tape

Our premium pave tape is an aluminum based product which means it has the ability to conform to any surface with the use of pressure applied to the tape during installation.  If properly pressed into a surface, the tape will give a long service life.

Our 4″ x 150′ PREMIUM pavement and warehouse floor marking tape rolls are specifically made to mark asphalt & cured concrete surfaces, parking lots, parking garages, warehouse floors, industrial factory floors, streets and any other area where bright delineation is required.  Foil Based pavement and floor marking tape is simple to install yourself with no special equipment and no contractor needed. Pavement marking tape is as thick as normal parking lot paint and integrates a mild reflective surface which makes the stripes much more brighter and vivid night. A strong adhesive and conformable aluminum backing insure that when properly applied the reflective white or yellow lines will remain firmly in place. (Note – Longevity varies with traffic flow and correct installation.)

To install our pavement or warehouse striping tape, lay the tape on a clean, dry surface and press it on lightly with your feet.  Then press in down firmly with a bouncy rubber tire like on a car or golf cart. A dolly (hand truck) can be used with weight on it.  Several passes over the tape may be necessary depending on how rough the surface is. The temperature should be in excess of 50 degrees during installation.  Freezing temperatures within 48 hours after an install should be avoided. As previously mentioned, proper adhesion is achieved by going over the tape with a heavy rubber roller or by using your vehicle tire and conforming it to the surface. This creates a seal which keeps dirt or water from getting beneath the tape. When using a vehicle be careful not twist your tires while on the fresh tape. Also, avoid applying the tape to damp asphalt or cement. It is best to apply when it has not rained in 48 hours . After application the tape is ready for traffic. Full curing occurs after about 48 hours and it is best if it does not rain during this time. Dry, clean, sun warmed asphalt or cement is ideal.  The tape will conform to a moderately rough surface but performs best on smooth surfaces. Parking lots or warehouses with moderate to light traffic often get years of service out of the tape.

For large projects we suggest you apply a roll first to determine whether this product will suit your needs.  If you would like to test a piece of the tape I can mail a sample piece to you. Whether you obtain a sample or buy a roll to try, it is always recommended that you test a piece on your surface first to get up to speed on installation.

IMPORTANT – Our pavement marking tapes are not recommended for freshly sealcoated surfaces as the sealcoat will degrade the adhesive. Sand, dirt, oil, sealcoat or fresh curing paint can also prevent this product from properly adhering.