Picture Page – Parking Lot and Warehouse Striping Tape

On this page we have a collection of images for our Foil Based Pavement and Warehouse Floor marking tapes.  This is a very versatile product and can be used to stripe a wide variety of surfaces.  Our premium version is even used by hunters to mark trails.  This versatility is due to the tapes aluminum construction and its ability to conform to almost any flat surface.  No other tape has this ability, and for almost all floor and pavement striping applications, it is a big advantage.

White Pavement Striping Tapeyellow pavement striping tape

IMAGE ABOVE – As you can see from the image above, we carry two colors of reflective parking lot or warehouse striping tape, White and Yellow.  The pictures above show you the backing of the film as well as the surface.  As you can see, the film is made from rugged aluminum.  In the right hand image, you can see a car tire pressing in the material.  Since the film is aluminum based, a heavy tire easily conforms it to the surface, causing all of the tape to make contact and adhere to the surface.  This is important and something other tapes cannot do.

IMAGES BELOW – in the pictures below you can see how important it is to press the aluminum backed pavement tape in firmly to the surface.  A conformable pavement or warehouse floor tape is only effective if it is conformed to the surface with pressure.  The rougher the surface, the more pressure that is needed.  For smoother surfaces, less pressure is required.  One important point is that simply pressing the tape in with your shoes is not sufficient.  Also, a hard roller is not effective, only a soft bouncy type tire.

installing pavement striping tapeinstalling warehouse striping tapepavement tape install on asphalt

IMAGE ABOVE – the pictures above show a  rough rock and cement surface, a relatively smooth cement surface, and a slightly rough asphalt surface.  Varying amounts of pressure are needed for each.  The key is to observe the edge of the tape to assure that it has formed a seal.  Multiple passes are often necessary.

IMAGE BELOW – the image below shows our aluminum foil backed tape being used in a factory or warehouse setting, and also a loading dock setting.

warehouse floor tape aluminumtemporary road striping

IMAGE ABOVE – as you can see from the pictures above, foil backed pavement or floor marking tape is very versatile.  Meaning it can be used in a large variety of applications or surfaces. One thing to mention is that our pavement / factory floor marking tape can be used in either permanent or temporary applications.  This often depends on the demand that will be placed upon the tape by automobile or fork lift traffic.  Using DAP contact cement can substantially increase the life of the tape in heavy traffic areas.  For temporary applications, do not use any contact cement.  When the tape is needing to be removed, either peel it up, or flash it with a roofing torch to vaporize the adhesive.  Bundle it up and discard it.